From Wraith Main to Horizon Fanatic: How I Found a New Main in Apex Legends S15

Doubting Horizon

As a long-time Wraith main in Apex Legends, it was hard for me to imagine playing any other character. After all, Wraith‘s abilities were perfect for my playstyle, and I had spent countless hours mastering her movements and strategies. However, after playing with Horizon for just a few rounds, I found myself completely hooked. In this blog post, I want to share my experience of how Horizon became my new main in Apex Legends.

At first, I was skeptical of Horizon‘s abilities. Her gravity lift seemed like a poor imitation of Wraith‘s portal, and her tactical ability to deploy a micro black hole didn’t seem too useful. However, as I played more with Horizon, I began to appreciate the subtle nuances of her kit. Her gravity lift could be used to reach high places and evade enemies, and her ultimate could be used to trap enemies in a tight space or push them out of cover.

The Switch to Horizon

What really sold me on Horizon, however, was her personality. Her voice lines and animations were so endearing and fun that I found myself enjoying the game even more. Her Scottish accent and quirky sayings made me smile, and I felt like I had found a new friend in the game.

Of course, it wasn’t just her personality that kept me playing her. Her abilities proved to be incredibly useful in a variety of situations, and I found myself winning matches I previously thought were impossible. I was able to use her gravity lift to flank enemies and get the drop on them, and her ultimate proved to be a game-changer in clutch situations.

As I continued to play with Horizon, I began to notice a shift in my play style. I became more aggressive and confident, knowing that I had the tools to outmaneuver and outsmart my opponents. It was a refreshing change of pace from my cautious and defensive playstyle as Wraith.

In conclusion, I never thought I would find a new main in Apex Legends, especially after being a Wraith main since the beginning. However, Horizon‘s unique personality and versatile abilities won me over. If you’re a Wraith main like I was, I encourage you to give Horizon a chance. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy playing her.

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